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Hurricane Ian Information
Click here for Jenkins Restoration Release of Liability Form
Using Jenkins for Owner Responsibility Work
If you are interested in learning more about how Jenkins Contents Division can assist you with Owner Responsibilities in the cleanup of your unit, please contact or call us at 239-356-5518.
The Jenkins phone number, 239-356-5518, for their Contents Division 
In order to best facilitate visits, we ask that you schedule a time in advance.  The link to do that is here
Owner Update 11-18-22
Recovered Personal Property
 Building Stabilization
The Kelly wells were installed at A building on 11/17/22.  At last, some great news!   The flowable fill pumping is underway and A building is complete!  We will post photos so you can see the process firsthand.  The foundation fill will require 24-72 hours to cure after which time engineers will determine if it is sound and recovery work can proceed.   Post shoring will be installed where required and then temporary roofing can begin.  If all goes well, that work could begin after Thanksgiving.
The foundation stabilization of the other buildings (B, D, and F) will also be completed after the work on A building, following a similar process.
As the blocked off units (in B, D and F) and the A building become accessible, we will send out the appropriate notifications.
Matterporting & Estimates
The Matterport images for all accessible units have been completed and will be sent out before the Thanksgiving holiday.
There were many questions/concerns regarding drywall removal after the town hall webinar.  We are awaiting additional information from the insurance adjusters in this regard.  The adjusters are at least 2 weeks out from providing this information.  That means, estimates for individual units from Jenkins, will be delayed until we receive that information.
Ground Floor Units
The repair scopes for the ground floor units are ready to begin.  Jenkins asks that you email your unit specific information with documentation and any floor plan changes that you had in your unit to them by 12/1/22.  Jenkins will then be able to create a rebuild plan with you for your unit.  (Jenkins standard is to install wood cabinets with soft close drawers and granite counters.)  Please email Jenkins at  When emailing this information be sure to insert the following in the subject line (you can copy and paste) SW 1st Floor Unit Interior Details.
Public Adjuster & Other Recovery Professionals
The Board discussed the need for securing additional experts to support the complex work before us and has approved the hiring of a Public Adjuster.  We are in the process of reviewing references and finalizing a contract at this time.
Through our Attorneys at Becker, we are in the process of evaluating and sourcing other professionals such an additional engineering firm, a project manager and an appraiser.
Unit Owner Insurance Information
A question was presented at the Town Hall with regard to continuing your HO6 insurance.  If your unit is “gutted”, such as the case in first floor units, you would not need to carry any contents/interior coverage until your unit is rebuilt/replaced with contents or something that is insurable.  It is recommended that you tell your unit owner insurance agent that a special assessment is pending so not to cancel the policy.   This will allow to you to be able to be paid under your loss assessment coverage.
You should also ask your unit owner agent to add a policy for liability only, if possible, after you cancel the existing policy.  You could also check to see if you can add liability to your primary home policy.  The reason for this is that you still have liability exposure just like the association does from people working/going in/out of your unit.  Adding this coverage would provide you with personal liability protection.
Recovery Progress
Debris cleanup has continued. 
          Debis has been cleaned out of the bushes and beach along the seawall and in the maintenance area. 
          The trash compactor was removed from the neighbor’s yard across the street and is awaiting an evaluation from a repair company.
         The elevator company has been out to access the damages to the elevators and are preparing repair estimates.
         The electrical engineers will be on site this weekend.  They will begin assessments of the power requirements for each building.  They will also be tasked with determining if it will be possible to install temporary power poles that could supply enough power to maintain the unit stabilization equipment for an extended period of time.
Jenkins will be developing production schedules during December.  This is the next step in our recovery process and when we will begin to get a more comprehensive timeline of repairs.  Please note that all we are heavily dependent on information and agreements with the insurance companies which may impact our timeline.
Owners who have not been able to access their buildings (A, E and K) may now use the scheduling calendar through Jenkins, to view the buildings from outside the safety fence.
Recovered Personal Property
During the debris clean up Jenkins uncovered a small Suzuki motorcycle.  If this is your property, please let us know.  You can do so by contacting the condo office at  Photos are posted with this update.
To view photos click here
Next week is Thanksgiving.  While work will continue at our property, there will be limited staff on-site. 
We hope all of you can enjoy this time with family and friends and give thanks for all that we still have. 
On behalf of the Board and the Sundial of Sanibel staff, we wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.
Town Hall Meeting Video 11/15/22
Sundial West Site Visit Pictures discussed at 11/15/22 Town Hall Meeting
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Insurance Appraisal
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Unit Photos by Building 10/19/22
After Storm Pictures of Sundial West
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Update 10-22-22
Restricted Access Letter A-E-K & Specific D and B Units
Town Hall Webinar Recording
The Town Hall was recorded.  Click here to listen to the Town Hall Webinar. (Hint: You may need to click on "YouTube Uploader for Dropbox Drive")
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